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Phantom Valentines

Howdy! It's February, and you all know what that means! Valentine's Day is in two weeks. You'll be seeing all sorts of Valentine's cards on the shelves of retail stores. But what won't you be seeing? Phantom Valentines! This is an insult, so I decided to do something about it. I am presenting seventeen Phantom of the Opera cards. (That's more variety than you'd get in a box at the store, anyway!) If you want to use them, please do. And please spread the word! I really want a bunch of people giving out Phantom Valentines. That would be so cool! And if it's a success this year, I might even make more for next year. From different sources... like the Lon Chaney movie or something. Suggestions and feedback are welcome!

Valentines Here!

(Cross posted all over the place. This is a semi-major campaign. Like I said... I want a lot of people to at least know about this.)
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